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Marriage & Family Counselling

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Marriage and family counseling is a specialized type of psychotherapy that seeks to solve structural problems, reduce conflict, improve communication, and negotiate roles. Counseling is an invaluable resource to families and couples facing challenging and frustrating situations.

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Care Tailored to You!

Elmbrook Psychiatry

Our board-certified psychiatric providers at Elmbrook Psychiatry provide the best therapy to couples, parents, and children by fostering effective solutions to your unique struggles. Our approach is solutions-focused, and we will work with your family as collaborative partners to forge the family and relationship dynamics that you desire.


We at Elmbrook Psychiatry strive to provide our families, parents, and couples with personalized care and the motivation to empower them to experience a happy, healthy, and conflict-free life with their wonderful families!

We provide marriage and family counseling that can help with many potential challenges, including:
•    Marital and couple conflict and communication issues
•    Death of a loved one and bereavement
•    Infidelity and trust issues
•    Stress and adjustment difficulties of relocation
•    Sex or pornography addiction
•    Financial struggles or the stress of finding or adjusting to a new job
•    Life stage transitions
•    Adoptions, foster parenting, and blended families
•    Separation or divorce
•    Parent and child conflict
•    School difficulties and behavioral problems in children

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Our psychiatric mental health providers lead with compassion and empathy and are dedicated to helping couples and families experience the lives they deserve. We use our expertise to solve communication problems and reduce conflict in a way that is tailored to the patient’s unique needs.


Our focus is client-centered care, and will are dedicated to serving the community, so we are open seven days a week and offer extended hours. We can accommodate daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions at our in-person offices and with our virtual therapy options. Live the lives you deserve. Call us today to start the journey.

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