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Psychiatric Care and Therapy Muskego

Responding to Muskego's Health Care Needs

Elmbrook Psychiatry is doing its part in solving the mental health care crisis. Mental health care is plagued by long wait times, lackluster care, and inaccessibility to health care staff. This crisis is especially true for pediatric psychiatry. Elmbrook Psychiatry aims to solve the psychiatry and therapy shortage in Wisconsin, especially Waukesha County, which includes Muskego. Elmbrook Psychiatry at Waukesha and Elmbrook Psychiatry at Milwaukee Water Street are about 20 minutes from Muskego. We also offer virtual appointments for those who prefer to relax at home while they get the treatment they need. At Elmbrook Psychiatry you don't have to wait months to see your health care provider. You will never be rushed through your appointment or forced to sit in the waiting room, wasting your precious time. A friendly, competent staff member is available to answer your calls and address your needs. We are open during the early morning hours until nighttime. Our psychiatric specialists are experienced in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia, and more. We are accepting new patients and would love to help you. 

Virtual Mental Health Care Made Easy

Virtual care allows you to see us from the comfort of your home or car. Our virtual appointments are easy and safe. There are no difficult apps. Just click your appointment link and enter your appointment. Our secure encrypted setup ensures privacy. The quality of virtual appointments is the same as office appointments. The only difference is you can relax at home. Virtual appointments are a great way for individuals and families to address their mental health care needs.

Child Psychiatry for Muskego

We are experts at treating pediatric depression, anxiety, and  behavioral and mood disorders. Elmbrook Psychiatry values family. Extended hours and virtual appointments benefit families as much as busy professionals. Our after-school appointments are popular with parents and children. Your child doesn’t need to miss school or practice for a visit. Our locations are a short drive from Muskego. Elmbrook Psychiatry aims to fix the pediatric mental health care shortage by not forcing families to choose between school, work, and appointments. We value accessibility to our patients.

What Sets Us Apart

We strive for excellence. Elmbrook Psychiatry at Waukesha practices patient-focused care. That means we put you first. Patients should not have to cater to us. We are just a short phone call away. You never have to struggle to reach us. Or deal with long appointment wait times. Our courteous staff always puts your experience first.

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