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Psychiatric Care and Therapy in Oconomowoc


Elmbrook Psychiatry is accepting new patients, both adult and pediatric. We look forward to helping the residents of Oconomowoc with their mental health needs. We treat various mental health conditions, including ADHD, depression, insomnia, and more. In recent years Waukesha County has experienced a healthcare shortage, especially in mental health. Elmbrook Psychiatry at Waukesha aims to address the mental healthcare shortage in Waukesha County by making it easy for patients to schedule appointments. Our Waukesha office is a short drive from Oconomowoc. Our easy access isn’t limited to a convenient location. Elmbrook Psychiatry at Waukesha goes above and beyond to accommodate its’ patients.

Making Mental Health Care Easy for Waukesha County

If you need care but don’t have time to visit during standard business hours or time to commute, we have you covered. Extended office hours make it easy for you to get the treatment you need. Elmbrook Psychiatry at Waukesha values your time. With efficient schedules and early morning hours, you can visit before work. You don’t have to call off or go in late. We can have you treated before your workday starts. Not a morning person? We offer evening and weekend appointments too. Our patients love having the option to schedule their appointments after work hours. If you don’t have time to commute but still need an appointment, virtual appointments are a great option.

Virtual Mental Health Appointments for Oconomowoc

Virtual appointments are especially good for the people of Oconomowoc given the healthcare shortage. Virtual care allows you to see us from the comfort of your home or car. Our virtual appointments are easy and safe. There are no difficult apps. Just click your appointment link and enter your appointment. Our secure encrypted setup ensures privacy. The quality of virtual appointments is the same as office appointments. The only difference is you can relax at home. Virtual appointments are a great way for individuals and families to address their mental health care needs.

Child Psychiatric Care Oconomowoc

We are experts at treating pediatric depression, anxiety, and  behavioral and mood disorders. Elmbrook Psychiatry values family. Extended hours and virtual appointments benefit families as much as busy professionals. Our after-school appointments are popular with parents and children. Your child doesn’t need to miss school or practice for a visit. Our Waukesha office is located within driving distance of the Oconomowoc School District. Elmbrook Psychiatry at Waukesha aims to fix the pediatric mental health care shortage by not forcing families to choose between school, work, and appointments. We value accessibility to our patients.

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